Interior Detailing

With normal use, any car’s interior is going to get dirty. That’s why, at Attention 2 Detail, our goal is to get your car looking like you just drove it off the lot. We offer anything from a maintenance interior detail to a fully loaded interior detail with steam cleaning and carpet shampoo. Click here to learn more about our interior detailing.

Exterior Detailing

With every interaction outside, your vehicle’s exterior is exposed to everything from bird poop to road grime. Ranging from a hand wash and wax to paint corrections and ceramic coatings our exterior selection is made to ensure your satisfaction with the looks of your vehicle and protection against outside elements. Learn more under the exterior detailing tab.

Paint Correction

The most effective way to bring back your vehicle’s exterior gloss and shine. We effectively machine polish swirls and marrs from your car’s clear coat, leveling the surface for a wet-like look. Our goal is to remove 75% or more of your clear coats defects, literally bringing your car’s exterior to a brand new condition. A paint correction from Attention 2 Detail is not a quick task, rather very time consuming. Our philosophy: It takes time to get things done right!

Ceramic Coatings

Ultimately, the best protection for your car’s paint: Ceramic Protection. After a paint correction, ceramic technology is one of the best choices to add to your car’s exterior, as it bonds to the clear coat and protects your exterior from the elements such as sand, salt, UV rays, bug contaminants, and more. Not only will a ceramic coating from Attention 2 Detail protect your investment, it also enhances the look and feel of your paint. Contact us to get your ceramic coating quote today.



At Attention 2 Detail, We Bring The Detailing To You!

1. Contact us by phone, email, or contact form.

2. We come to you professionally, on time, and ready to detail.

3. At the comfort of your own home, your car is professionally detailed and ready to go!

See What Our Customers Say About Us

My vehicle was one of the first that Aaron and Donovan detailed. Usually, you’d think that with a new business the first few vehicles may not be as good as the ones after, but these guys surprised me big time! My car was cleaner than the day I got it! I was amazed at their professionalism, attention to detail (for real, this name is perfect for them), and overall amazing experience! I recommend them 200%!!!

Alisa Swietlik

These guys are awesome!!! I was recommended this service by a friend and was not disappointed one bit. The workers are extremely friendly, professional, and diligent. They transformed a used car I recently got from looking like a dump to looking dapper in about three hours. I am extremely happy I decided to hire this business and will continue using them in the future. Keep up the great work, guys!

Kevin Berner

The Attention to detail team really lives up to their name-literally! The products they have selected to use are top of the line, and perform great! Both my vehicles turned out great, and look show room new! The service was on time, and the personnel were courteous and answered any questions that I had. My cars were left spotless, and the work area was cleaned to the point that you didn’t know they were present to work. Both young men are extremely hard working, and my wife and I wish them the best of luck with their business plan! Fabulous work gentlemen!! Carry on

Anita Brennan

I am very impressed with their professionalism, the quality of their work and of course their Attention 2 Detail. My car has never looked this good and they came to me which was very convenient. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Cathy Tinsley

The team arrived promptly and we’re very professional in their explanation of services that were to be performed. They did a great job bringing a neglected interior back to like new. Highly recommend!!

Renee Brennan

Highly recommend! They did an excellent job and my interior now looks brand new

Jacob Kaszubski