Do you drive a car that is exposed to road salt in winter? If so, you probably recognize the damage salt can cause to your vehicle.

Yes, you read that right! Road salt can prove disastrous for your car.

On the one hand, road salt is a great ally when driving during winter. It melts ice on roads, sidewalks, and parking lots, which helps avoid accidents due to slippery surfaces.

However, these benefits come with a price; the corrosive properties of salt damage car components such as paint, bumpers, windows, and even alloy wheels if they are not properly protected.

Salt is so corrosive that it can eat a piece of metal within a few short hours! Therefore, it easily corrodes your car’s body panels, including the paint finish, bumpers, and other steel parts.

How can Road Salt Damage Your Car?

Road salt causes tremendous damage to your vehicle. Some of the ways it harms your car are listed here:

  • Corrosion of car components
  • Damage to the paint finish on the body of the car, including its bumpers and steel parts
  • Damage to alloy wheels
  • Corrosion of the undercarriage

5 Ways on How You Can Protect Your Car from Road Salt

If you’re looking for ways to shield your vehicle against road salt, you’ve come to the right place! Here are five ways to guard your car against the perils of road salt this winter:

1.     Use A Cover

During the winter season, use a car cover to protect your automobile. Not only will the car’s paint job be well protected, but it also saves you money in time and labor since you won’t have to clean up any accumulated grime.

Though putting on and removing the cover might be a hassle, the extra effort will pay for itself in the long run. Just remember to buy a good quality cover for long-term usage!

2.     Wax Often

Waxing your car will give you an extra layer of protection against salt. Plus, it makes the car paint shinier and protects against UV damage.

However, you will need to ensure that your car gets waxed regularly as the layer can wear off from daily driving.

If you’re looking for a great option, we at Attention 2 Detail offer wax and wash services that are sure to prove beneficial in safeguarding your car against road salt.

3.     Cleaning Is the Best Protection

Many people won’t utilize this option due to time constraints, but if you can wash off the salt before it has a chance to do any damage, you’ll save money in the long run.

Salt will corrode the inside of your car’s engine faster than almost any other element.

The best way to solve this is to take your car to US! (No one wants to go about the hassle of cleaning a car in winter!)

4.     Swiftly Remove Any Moisture Containing Leaves

Another way is to brush off any leaves on your windshield and windows before the moisture in them causes the metal in your car to rust.

They are pesky to deal with as they tend to get stuck in the undercarriage – but handling them right away will help you avoid any damage. Just be sure to wipe the leaves off before they have time to leave moisture on your car’s exterior parts.

Hence, it is recommended that you get hand car washes regularly to remove stray leaves from harming your vehicle.

5.     Consider Getting a Protective Paint Coating

If you want to maintain the perfect exterior of your car, consider getting a paint coating that prevents rust and corrosion.

This product is applied on the surface of the car and has a tough, plastic-like feel.

For a  high-quality protective ceramic coating, check out your options on Attention 2 Detail – we’ll waste no effort in giving your car the protection it needs.

While it might cost a little more than traditional wax, it’s worth every penny if you want the best protection against road salt.

How To Wash Salt Off the Undercarriage?

Cars are constantly moving, causing road salt to be thrown onto the undercarriage of vehicles, where it does the most damage. Any vehicle’s undercarriage can get dirty and clogged with salt in the winter.

The best way to remove this salt is through regular car washes. Pressure washers are your best bet in keeping your undercarriage clean. The pressure loosens up the dirt and other particles stuck on the undercarriage.


Plus, professional hand car washes or a quick pressure wash now and then is enough to keep your car safe and shielded from the dangers of road salt.

At Attention 2 Detail, we also offer one of the best maintenance car washes for your car! If you want the best for your vehicle, be sure to reach out.


No car should be left unprotected during winter. Road salt can corrode your paint job, rot the metal underneath, and even rust out your engine.

The best way to guard your automobile is to invest in a sturdy cover, use de-icing products, improve driving habits, regularly wash off the salt, and consider getting protective paint coating for your undercarriage.

If you follow these simple steps, your car will be able to withstand harsh winter conditions for many years to come!

And if you’re still unsure of how to go about this, make sure to visit our website, Attention 2 Detail, for more information and a readily available team to aid in your efforts of protecting your car.