The Best Protection

A ceramic coating is next level protection for the exterior of a vehicle. Ceramic coatings add an extremely smooth and long-lasting surface to your paint, allowing water to flow right off and adding a layer of protection for your paint against the outside elements. 

At Attention 2 Detail, we choose only the highest quality and most reliable ceramic products on the market. That is why we use Glossbaus. One of the world’s best ceramic coatings on the market. Before we use anything on your car, we use it on ours first.

How It Works

After an extensive wash, decontamination, and paint correction, ceramic coatings are meticulously applied by one of our experienced technicians.

Although one might think your paint looks smooth and swirl-free enough to ceramic coat right away, there will still be microscopic scratches and swirls that you can’t see with the naked eye due to sun damage, weather, and other elements.

Completing a one-step paint correction at the minimum will eliminate those unseen scratches and create a better surface for the ceramic coating to adhere to, for more effective and long-lasting paint protection and hydrophobic qualities. If we didn’t complete this essential step before the application, it would be like putting aftershave on before shaving. It would basically be backwards.


Although ceramic coatings are mostly talked about on the exterior of your vehicle, many interior surfaces can be coated with ceramic technology as well! The versatility of ceramics is out of this world. Protection to your exterior clear coat, glass, leather, plastic, vinyl, and carpet, so you can stay worry-free!

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We’re in the relationship-building business and detailing and ceramic coating are the primary services that bring us together.