Undrdog Protective Coating & Exterior Polish

Year Protective Coating
Year Protective Coating
Year Protective Coating

**5 Year & 8 Year Protective Coating Packages Includes FREE Headlight Coating AND Wheel Coating**

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Packages Starting As Low As $399!!

Increase Re-Sale Value

Sell Your Vehicle For A Higher Price Due To Minimal Future Exterior Maintenance

Flawless Aesthetics

Perfect Reflection, No Noticeable Defects, Super Glossy or Matte Finish

Easy Maintenance

Easily Wipe Off Water and Other Debris

Added Protection

Protect Your Vehicle Against Bug Splatter, UV Rays, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap, Brake Dust, & Much More!

- Matthew McFarland

“For those of you that want to bring some life back to an older car: Check out what the folks at Attention 2 Detail did for my 2006 Pontiac Solstice. This is after a 2 step paint correction and an 8 year SP coating! You should check them out! It literally makes your car look like glass and water and dirt won’t stick to it. Thanks Aaron Latman!”


- Rich Lovato

“Unbelievable outcome of the work they did on my truck.A PLUS job. highly recommend. You are now my go-2 guys for all my vehicle needs Very professional and easy to deal with. Thanks for the Professional work“


- Anita Brennan

“The Attention to detail team really lives up to their name-literally! The products they have selected to use are top of the line, and perform great! Both my vehicles turned out great, and look show room new! The service was on time, and the personnel were courteous and answered any questions that I had. My cars were left spotless, and the work area was cleaned to the point that you didn’t know they were present to work. Both young men are extremely hard working, and my wife and I wish them the best of luck with their business plan! Fabulous work gentlemen!! Carry on“


Pristine Appearance

No More Waxing, Ever.

Show Room Quality Look. Perfect reflection, no noticeable defects, low maintenance, and the ultimate, super glossy or matter finish.

Protect Your Vehicle

Stay Protected Against Environmental Hazards Like:

  • Bug Splatter
  • UV Rays
  • Hard Water Deposits
  • Acid Rain
  • Bird Droppings Tree Sap
  • Brake Dust

Increased Re-Sale Value

Sell Your Vehicle For More

Our Protective coating will save you money in the long run – about $500 or more a year on car washes, waxes, and sealants. By reserving your car’s value, you’ll put more money in your pocket when you sell it.

How Does The Protective Coating Work?

The protective coating layer might be very thin, but is extremely resistant. It is fully chemical resistant and can only be removed by a machine polish. Being a liquid during application, the coating penetrates the porous structure of the paint and seals it. This increases the slickness of any automotive paint enormously. A ceramic coating has great UV resistance, which prevents the paint from oxidation.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Protective Coatings?

It’s not all about the looks! Of course, a well prepared and ceramic coated car looks amazing, as UNDRDOG coatings are very glossy and enhance the intensity of the paint. But you will notice most benefits on a daily basis. The car will get dirty much slower, the usual maintenance wash will become less frequent. Your car will feel slick and will collect less dust and pollen. Paint will not oxidize, brake dust won’t adhere to rims as much as before. Your paint will remain glossy as new for years.

What Can I Protect With A Protective Coating?


Ceramic Paint Coatings provide unparalleled protection for your paintwork. This protection is measured in years, and not weeks when compared to a standard wax. UV rays, daily dirt and grime, and even extreme contaminant such as bird droppings are repelled. This added layer of ceramic coating is extremely slick, superhydrophobic, and makes the regular wash maintenance of the car fast and easy.


Specifically designed for external plastics and trim to prevent fading, dulling and discolouration, UV rays and acid rain discolour and can turn a new black plastic to old grey within months. Our Trim ceramic coating bond securely with plastic, providing superior long-lasting protection with strong UV resistance, where most trim dressings fail in weeks.

Glass (Exterior):

Increase your safety and visibility in poor weather conditions. Once applied, our ultra-hydrophobic coating repels rain and snow easily, leaving your glass crystal clear.

Convertible Soft Tops:

Make your convertible soft top weatherproof and reduce its absorbency. Our innovative ceramic-based textile sealant will also prevent it from bleaching caused by strong UV rays or chemicals.

Tires and Rubber:

Keep your tires looking newer for longer. Reduce the amount of road grime and contaminant absorbed by your tires with one of our ceramic enhanced sealants. A freshly dressed tire always compliments a clear car.

Rims and Brake Callipers:

Protect your wheels from brake dust, dirt, grime and all that the road throws at them. Our specially engineered ceramic coating has an extreme temperature resistance to combat the heat experienced by your rims. Cleaning is much easier due to increased hydrophobicity leaving your wheels looking like new for longer.

Dash and Plastics:

Keep your interior trim and plastics fresh and new. Our sealants will enhance the look of dry interior plastic and help prevent UV fading.


Keep your leather interior looking natural with a soft and supple feel. This invisible ceramic coating will minimize the absorption of body oils, lotions and clothing dye into the leather surfaces. It also protects against spills and leaves an original matte finish.


Prevent stains and dirt build-up on your delicate fabrics. This invisible coating seals the textile weave inhibiting die transfer and spills from ruining expensive interiors.

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