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How do I set up an in-shop consultation?

Call us at (219) 533-9390 and you will get in touch with one of our team members and they will assist you in setting up a time for you to come to the shop.

Why do we only do estimates in person?
When talking about paint on your vehicle or any of our next level services, it’s best to physically see the condition of the paint and to pick the best package to suit your wants, needs, budget, and timeline. We always want to make sure you receive an accurate quote and our “in person only quoting” structure allows for this best!
If I fill out the form on the website, how long will it take for someone to contact me?
Once a form is filled out, we generally reply via text or call within 5 minutes. With that being said, with an influx of form fill outs, it might take us up to 24 hours to respond. Call us if you need further assistance!
Do we only detail luxury vehicles?
That is a great question! No we do not! We believe that every vehicle should be protected and receive the A2D Experience that everyone knows and loves. From daily drivers to multi-million dollar vehicles, every vehicle should shine and be protected from the elements. This includes, but is not limited to: cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, semis, campers, planes, and more!
What should I expect upon arrival for an in-shop experience appointment?
Expect to be greeted promptly and be offered refreshments and a tour of our state-of-the-art facility with one of our associates. We will then go over the different packages, what your vehicle needs, and giving you our best price up front the first time with our no-hassle guaranteed pricing. From there, we take a deposit to get you on the schedule and lock in an appointment date and time!
Do we take credit cards, debit cards, cash, check, or bitcoin?
We take every form of payment! Attention 2 Detail Luxury Detailing & Coatings Inc. reserves the right to not accept a certain form of payment and request cash only.
How long should I expect Attention 2 Detail to keep my vehicle?
Our goal is always 3 to 5 business days for our ceramic coating packages and 1-2 days for our interior details and exterior washes. Depending on the service(s) you are getting, this estimated time may be extended and is not in our control.
Do you charge to store my vehicle if I am out of town when it is ready to be picked up?
We will store your vehicle up to 7 days at no additional cost. From there it is $50/day if refusal to pickup. Vehicle storage is on a case by case basis! If inclement weather is the cause, there is no charge, but we do ask to pickup your vehicle within a reasonable time.
Do we have a waiting room?

Yes, of course! Our waiting room is filled with refreshments, coffee, soda, cold water, chips, you know it. We also have free WiFi embarassed

Where can I view my signed documents?
You can view your work order, invoice, and legal terms, and more by signing in to your own A2D Web Account. If you haven’t received a username and password, ask one of our associates to create an account for you!
How do I check up on my vehicle?
You will receive a completed text from us when the work is complete on your vehicle. You may also text us anytime to get a vehicle update!
Is there a credit card fee with use of a credit or debit card for your payment?
Yes there is a nominal fee of 3% for card use. We offer a cash discount and there is also no fees for zelle, venmo, cashapp, and other e-payment methods.


Attention 2 Detail Luxury Detailing & Coatings

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