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Detail FAQs

Attention 2 Detail Luxury Detailing & Coatings

Detail Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Detail Usually Take?

Details can range anywhere from 40 minutes to 6 hours! This all depends on what services we are performing as well as the capacity of the job. We can’t give a definite time, but you can give us a call and we would be more than happy to answer any further questions; job specific.

What Areas Do You Service?

We detail the South Chicagoland Area and parts of Northwest Indiana. We don’t want to make this list too long, but here are some of the cities we detail.

  • Homewood
  • Flossmoor
  • Glenwood
  • Orland Park
  • Frankfort
  • Lynwood
  • St. John
  • Schererville
  • Crown Point
  • Dyer

If you live in an area other than the ones listed, don’t worry! We service more than just these 10 cities, so feel free and contact us to see if we detail in your area!

How Do I Pay?

We accept cash, checks, and online transfers (via PayPal, Chase, Venmo, Zelle, Cashapp). Currently we do NOT accept credit or debit cards. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Who Will Show Up To Detail My Car If I Choose Mobile Service?

Either Aaron, Donovan, or any of our trusted and experienced employees will show up on time with all materials necessary to get the job done.

What Chemicals Do You Use To Detail?

We use a variety of detailing-oriented brands for our cleaning solutions, which can all be found under our products. All of the chemicals we use are acid-free and safe to every environment of your vehicle. Feel free to ask us any questions about any of the products we use if you’re unsure of anything.

How Often Should I Get My Car Detailed?

This may depend on how often (or how far) you drive your car, and whether or not you travel with pets. Generally speaking, we recommend an interior detail every 3-6 months, and an exterior detail every 1-3 months, if not more often than that. We have maintenance plans available if you decide you want your vehicle detailed more often!

Do I Have To Sign An Agreement?

Yes, before each detail we have you sign a liability agreement as well as confirming the price and features of your detail. This way, we are both on the same page as to what will and won’t be done to your vehicle.

What Is Your Method In Cleaning Cars?

For each one of the variety of services we provide, we have a specific process that is followed through and executed properly for each detail. As we stick to our own guidelines (while, of course, always looking for ways to improve), we get every job how anyone would want it; perfect.

How Do I Contact A2D?

Contact us at 219-407-0778, contact@attn2detail.info, or click here to be brought to our contact form. We usually reply within 12 hours on our contact form.

Where Does My Car Get Cleaned?

We are a mobile detailing company, so as often as possible, we will clean your car right outside your own home. If there happens to be a weather issue or something of the sort, we can take your car to an indoor facility in order to do the job right.

Can I Get My Car Detailed During The Winter?

Absolutely! As winter conditions are especially harmful to most of the surfaces in and out of your car, we want to be as careful as possible. For that reason, we ask to detail inside your garage if there is ample space. If there is no space, or you do not have a garage, we would take your car to an indoor facility in order to successfully complete the job.

Do You Use My Water?

We do use water from the spigot at each client’s home for our exterior services as we don’t have sufficient water ourselves if you do not have accessible water, we have the option of taking your vehicle to an indoor facility to be detailed hassle-free. Just be sure you have a ride to pick you up when your car is dropped off!


Attention 2 Detail Luxury Detailing & Coatings

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