Attention 2 Detail in Dyer, Indiana

Attention 2 Detail is here to protect you from the start with professional techniques and products. We offer a wide range of services including ceramic coating and interior/exterior detailing. We have very competitive rates for all cars and you can rest assured when we are done with your car you will notice our Attention 2 Detail.

Detailing Services at Attention 2 Detail – Ceramic Coating, Interior and Exterior Detailing.

We have an incredible passion for polishing your cars surface. At attention 2 Detail we always give the best value with innovative products and five star services!

Attention 2 Detail is the best place to go if you’re looking for high quality vehicle detailing services. Our team of professionals will give your cars the exquisite treatment that it needs.

We are the best place for all your vehicle protection needs. We offer high quality services and professional staff with a great passion to enhance your vehicle!

Attention 2 Detail in Highland, Indiana

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Attention 2 Detail Protective Coating in Dyer, Indiana

The protective coating may be the best alternative if you want a durable, wear-resistant automobile protection surface with high shine and scratch resistance.

Exterior Paint Enhancement and Correction Dyer, Indiana

The combination of exterior paint enhancement and correction is an excellent option for a car’s appearance. It helps remove minor scratches and protects the paint from other external harmful elements.

Exterior Detailing Dyer, Indiana

Exterior Detailing Dyer, Indiana, includes wash and wax, Engine Bay Detailing, and Maintenance Wash. It helps keep the value of your car by carefully removing debris that causes severe scratches in the paint.

Headlight Restoration Dyer, Indiana

Headlight restoration can make your headlights appear like new and provide you with the vision that keeps you safe and others safe on the road.