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A2D Lux Detailing & Coatings

A Clean Engine Runs Better & Looks Like a Million Bucks!

Most people overlook the engine compartment on their vehicle. Many fear it’s unsafe to worry about washing it because of all the electrical under the hood these days. We take that worry off your shoulders by safely and effectively cleaning off dirt, grime, oil as well as any other leaks that may exist. Having a clean engine allows it to run cooler, makes it easier to service as well as increases the resale value and chances of selling quicker!

Stop opening your hood to a dirty, greasy, engine!

Sometimes, you don’t even realize how dirty and greasy your engine can get. From the oil and gas, to the leaves and debris under your hood, Attention 2 Detail Luxury Detailing & Coatings has you covered.

Whether you just want your engine detailed, or you’re looking to sell your car, your engine and surrounding visible components will look 10x better once we’re done, raising value and pride in your investment.

Not only does it make your car look better, it helps make it easier to diagnose and repair problems within your vehicle. Legend has it, an engine detail makes your car faster, too!

Our 5-Step Simple Cleaning Process

Inspect Engine Bay
We want to make sure there’s nothing out of the ordinary or which we need to cover up and protect before we get anything wet.
Cover Delicate Components

This all depends on the type of car-but most likely any open electronics, the battery, ect.-Will be covered with tape and/or bagged up to prevent water damage.

Rinse off Dirt And Debris

We will go into your engine with as little high pressure water as possible and get the top layer of dirt and oils off your engine and surrounding components.

Solution & Agitation
In this stage we are going to spray our trusted engine degreaser and cleaning product before agitation of the dirt and grime.
Final Rinse & Plastic Dress
We will do a final spray to ensure all dirt and grime from your engine is off and apply a protective dressing to all the plastics to protect from UV rays as well as sustain that black plastic shine that stands out so much.

If you’re looking to get your exterior washed & waxed while your engine is getting detailed, look into our hand wash & wax to help schedule a combo job!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be using my electricity and water?
For this service we will need at least one outlet as well as a water spigot. Both are required for us to complete the detail, but if needed we can discuss working at a separate location with water and power.
Do you use a lot of water when detailing my engine bay?
A lot of our customers may worry that we use too much water. Don’t fret, we only use the required amount to effectively clean each and every aspect of your engine bay as thoroughly as possible.
What parts of my engine will you be cleaning?
Basically, whatever we can see. We will not be taking anything apart under your hood, but we want to get everything visible from any angle above the engine as clean and shiny as can be.