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Laser Eye Surgery For Your Headlights

Over time headlights can become discolored or dull due to oxidation primarily due to UV light and other environmental factors. The protective hard coat breaks down with UV degradation and wear from abrasion. With our restoration process we can remove cloudy and hazy headlights to to a like-new condition. Headlight Restoration is also a more economical alternative than replacing the lens and can also immensely help your trade-in value!

A headlight restoration can save your life.

Driving in the dark with a hazy headlight can be very dangerous, but with Attention 2 Detail Luxury Detailing & Coatings’s headlight restoration your vision at night can be clear as day.

Let’s be honest. While you’re busy out on the road, your headlights are always hard at work. Foggy, clouded, and yellow headlights generate only 20% of the amount of light that new headlights do, leading to dangerous driving.

The thing is, is that you don’t ever pay attention to your headlights or think twice as to if they’re hazy or not until it’s too late.

The intricate process we use to restore the clarity of your headlights has been mastered by our detailers as we have to safely handle all headlights as they are more fragile than any other parts of the car. Keep in mind as we restore clarity and remove fogginess from the outer shell of your headlights, some of the haziness may be caused from inside the headlight itself. **Note: We only restore headlights and fog lights are NOT included.

A lot of our customers worry about trying to do this themselves to save the hassle and money, but don’t worry. With A2D’s competitive pricing and hassle-free mobile appointments, we’ll have you back on the road driving safe, in no time.

Headlights Before CleaningHeadlights After Cleaning
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my headlights be clear?
Your headlights should stay clear for a while, but all headlights are different. Because we aren’t adding anything to the top coat of the lights, we can’t promise a specific longevity for headlight clarity.
Do you take my headlights out?
Because the majority of our services are mobile, we don’t remove the headlights to complete this job. We do, however, tape off the edges of the headlight to avoid any damages to your investment’s paint.
Do you need any water or electricity from me to complete this?
Since we like to use tools that we can take with us to your house, all of the tools required for this job are cordless and waterless. 🙂