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Window Tint keeps the inside cool in hot weather and prevents the upholstery from deteriorating. Car window tinting may help to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays! Is it possible to drive right after window tinting? Many people have asked us this question. Read this article with attention to detail to find out the answer.

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What is the installation process for Window Tinting?

Preparation for Window Tinting

Our tinting professionals will remove dirt and debris from both sides of your car’s windows using a soap and water solution, a sponge, and a squeegee.

Measurement and cutting

Our detailing expert will measure the windows on your vehicle and cut pieces of film from a master roll to fit. After that, the film is adequately trimmed down and put to the exterior surface of the car window. First, ensure the sheet’s bottom edge is straight and parallel to the window. After that, the film is trimmed to fit the window’s left and right sides. Using a heat gun, the film is then shrunk. Our professionals starts at the top and works their way down, using a flat plastic scraper to smooth out any faults in the film.

We cut the material’s top edge by progressively rolling down the window until the blade aligns with the leading edge when it’s entirely smooth.


It’s time to adhere the film to the inside surface of the window once it’s been adequately shaped and molded. To begin, we spray the glass with soapy water. The adhesive on the film is activated by this solution, allowing the sheet to slide down the glass until it is appropriately positioned. We then use a variety of specialist plastic scrapers to remove bubbles, smooth the edges, and ensure the film is installed correctly in the window’s rubber lining. We use the heat gun to help cure the soapy water and mold the film to the curvature of the glass after it’s in place.

When it comes to tinting, how long does it take to cure?

Window tinting is a massive business because it is one of the most popular automotive modifications. This results in a wide variety of brands and quality and a difference in tint percentage. As with other items, the cure time of a window tint varies based on the brand, material, and quality. The temperature of your environment also affects the tint’s curing time. Many advise you to tint your windows in the summer or use a climate-controlled garage. The curing procedure can take up to several weeks if the tint is applied during winter. If you follow these rules, most window tints will take between two and three days to cure. Those who do their tinting, on the other hand, tend to be cautious and wait 3 to 5 days for the tint to cure.

Aftercare of Window Tinting

We must maintain the window tint after it has been applied to keep it looking great all the time! These recommendations for aftercare will come in handy!

Do not roll down the windows for at least 48 hours after adding the tint film. When the window is rolled down, the tint adheres to the glass and does not peel away.

Window Tinting at Attention 2 Detail

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