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If you want the outside of your car to have a high-gloss look, your best option is to invest in a Ceramic Coating to give it that appearance. The ceramic coating offers hydrophobic properties, maintains durability, and adds a protective layer to the paint on your car, allowing it to withstand adverse weather conditions better. But how much does it cost to have a ceramic coating? You can discover the answer by reading this from Attention 2 Detail.

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What are the steps for applying a Ceramic Coating?

Depending on the particular Ceramic Coating being used, the preparatory work might look significantly different from one kind to the next. To ensure that you have a solid foundational understanding of the process, we will dissect it into the following components.


We begin by washing your automobile with soap and water as the very first thing that we do, which gets rid of any dirt, dust, or other harmful pollutants that could be present. After that, we wash the vehicle using car shampoo. After you have cleaned your car, this procedure helps remove any lingering microscopic particles and other impurities that may have been on it. Using a clay bar after washing will penetrate the paint’s tiny pores, eliminating any dirt and other contaminants that have adhered to the paint.


The final polish is applied to the automobile before the ceramic coating. When polished, the ceramic coating will have a superior appearance, and any remaining impurities will be eliminated. This step may take anywhere from three to six hours, depending on the state of your car, although it’s common to last somewhere in the middle.


When we are applying the coating to the surfaces of the paint, we do it with a great deal of caution. The coating is applied by hand and then allowed to dry so that it will adhere to the surface. This procedure must be carried out exclusively by a detailer with professional training and substantial expertise.

Exactly how much does it cost to have a Ceramic Coating put on a car?

If you’re concerned about the paintwork on your vehicle, then ceramic coatings are a popular option. With so many well-known brands available nowadays, it might be challenging to pick just one. A product’s quality and brand may affect its price. Ceramic coating is a service offered by certain detailing shops. However, the quality of the job varies significantly amongst them. For example, a high-quality ceramic coating manufactured by a well-known brand may cost more than a lower-quality coating created by a less prominent company. Conversely, the ceramic coating is likely to last a long time and offer good protection for your car.

ceramic coating service in griffith, IN at attention 2 detail

When applying a Ceramic Coating, approximately how long does the process take?

The quantity of time required to apply a ceramic coating depends upon the particulars of your wants as well as the services that you decide to use. Compared to an older vehicle that has never had any coating placed on it, adding a layer to a brand-new car will take a substantially shorter time. The length of time required to adequately prepare an older automobile will vary depending on the condition in which it is discovered. 

Where can you get the best Ceramic Coating service?

Attention 2 Detail has the ambition of being the most well-regarded ceramic coating facility in Indiana! A ceramic coating shields your vehicle from the elements, allowing it to keep its pristine look for longer. At Attention 2 Detail, we aim to provide you with the most incredible quality of service possible, supported by a very skilled and experienced team in the detailing business. You can call us immediately at (219)533-9390 or email at to schedule a free consultation, or you can come to see us in person at 1940 North Lafayette Court, Griffith, Indiana 46319.