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best Interior Detailing at attention 2 detail in northwest indiana

Interior Detailing

With normal use, any car’s interior is going to get dirty. That’s why, at Attention 2 Detail, our goal is to get your car looking like you just drove it off the lot. We offer anything from a maintenance interior detail to a fully loaded interior detail with steam cleaning and carpet shampoo. Click here to learn more about our interior detailing.

best Exterior Detailing at attention 2 detail in northwest indiana

Exterior Detailing

With every interaction outside, your vehicle’s exterior is exposed to everything from bird poop to road grime. Ranging from a hand wash and wax to paint corrections and ceramic coatings our exterior selection is made to ensure your satisfaction with the looks of your vehicle and protection against outside elements. Learn more under the exterior detailing tab.

best Paint Correction service at attention 2 detail northwest indiana

Paint Correction

The most effective way to bring back your vehicle’s exterior gloss and shine. We effectively machine polish swirls and marrs from your car’s clear coat, leveling the surface for a wet-like look. Our goal is to remove 75% or more of your clear coats defects, literally bringing your car’s exterior to a brand new condition. A paint correction from Attention 2 Detail is not a quick task, rather very time consuming. Our philosophy: It takes time to get things done right!

best Protective Coatings service at attention 2 detail northwest indiana

Protective Coatings

Ultimately, the best protection for your car’s paint: Teflon/PTFE Protection. After a paint correction, Teflon/PTFE technology is one of the best choices to add to your car’s exterior, as it bonds to the clear coat and protects your exterior from the elements such as sand, salt, UV rays, bug contaminants, and more. Not only will a protective coating from Attention 2 Detail protect your investment, it also enhances the look and feel of your paint. Contact us to get your coating quote today.



At Attention 2 Detail, We Bring The Detailing To You!

1. Contact us by phone, email, or contact form.

2. We come to you professionally, on time, and ready to detail.
3. At the comfort of your own home, your car is professionally detailed and ready to go!


  • Informed Representatives —

    When you give Attention 2 Detail a call, you’re talking to informed, knowledgeable individuals who can and will get you an answer for every question you may have about anything from interior car detailing to automotive protective coatings. We can even send an expert out to you for a free and no-hassle estimate!

  • Easy Scheduling —

    You can get an appointment on the calendar straight from our website as seen above, give us a call, or go through another page on the site and submit some information about yourself to book a spot in our schedule. We will do our absolute best to run our operation off of your personal schedule.

  • Professional Detailers —

    The technicians in our shop are held to the highest detailing standards when performing any service. They are held accountable by not only shop management, but by each other. Our detailers truly care about their work and the quality service they provide. Anything from a standard interior detailing job to a paint correction and ceramic coating service, our technicians refuse to cut corners.

  • Quality and Trusted Products —

    Very few offer paint protection services in northwest Indiana, at least to the extent that we do. We owe this to our thoroughly tested and trusted products applied to our valued customers’ vehicles. Only the most effective and reliable products are used.

  • Prime Location —

    Our clean, organized location outfitted for detailing in Griffith, Indiana allows us to provide interior and exterior detailing to members of the south Chicagoland and Northwest indiana areas. Quality detailing in northwest Indiana is hard to find, and it’s our mission to bring that and more to the table for everyone.

  • Mobile Options —

    Although we have an incredible space outfitted for detailing in northwest Indiana, we are more than happy to come to YOUR home when seasonal weather allows. In the spring and summer months, many customers prefer staying in and coming outside to a brand new feeling, looking, and even smelling kind of car for their drive to work the next morning.

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