The Ultimate Deep Clean

There are few things greater than stepping into your freshly cleaned, showroom-ready vehicle. You spend a lot of time inside your vehicle and in addition to the health benefits, it just feels soo good to ride around in a spotless interior. We can transform your vehicle’s interior into a sparkling, dust-less masterpiece that you could literally eat off of – although we recommend using a plate. Regular interior maintenance will also preserve the lifespan of your vehicle and maintain your resell value for years to come.

Take your car interior from “Ugh, I just want this clean”, to “Wow! This looks brand new!”

Our Loaded Interior Detail is the most intensive interior cleaning we offer at Attention 2 Detail, designed to bring your interior back to the best condition possible.

The dashboard, seats, door panels, center console, door jambs, headliner, cup holders, carpets, leather, and more, get thoroughly detailed, steam cleaned, and shampooed.

Don’t ever worry if your car is “too dirty”. We’ve worked on many, many cars and you’d be surprised! If you’re looking for a less extensive or expensive interior detail, then our Standard Interior Detail or Maintenance Interior Detail might better suit you.

Most of your vehicle’s interior will come out looking as new as possible, but we can’t guarantee every last stain and blemish will disappear. It’s reality. At Attention 2 Detail, our technicians will try our best to restore your interior to the best condition possible.

our 8-Step Thorough Detail Approach:

1) Remove all loose items: We will put the trash into one bag and safely remove all remaining personal items, placing them in another bag or any other requested place.

2) Thorough vacuum: From between your seats to the last particles on your headliner, we will be sure to thoroughly vacuum your car from top to bottom.

3) Upholstery Shampoo & Dirt Extract (the best part!): Thoroughly sprayed with our trusted fabric shampoo along with an enzyme remover, your carpets and seats will bathe for a number of minutes before being agitated. We then run a thorough dirt extraction to leave your carpets and seats looking good as new.

4) Door Panel & Plastic Cleaning: Starting with our professional all-purpose cleaner and detailing brushes, we are sure to thoroughly scrub every crack and crevice throughout your vehicle. All plastic panels & trim have our full attention while we focus on getting that dirt and grime sucked away.

5) Leather Cleaning & Conditioning (if applicable): Using our trusted leather cleaner, we safely agitate the accumulated dirt left on the surface of all of your leather upholstery. Following the cleaning process, we apply a matte finish leather conditioner to rejuvenate and protect your precious investment.

6) Steam Cleaning: When applicable, with our industrial steam cleaner, any tough stains and built up grime will be heated up and immediately eliminated.

7) Streak-Free Window Cleaning: Utilizing our superior glass cleaner, we provide a streak-free finish with our waffle weave towels, ensuring your glass looks untouched. You might even see your reflection! To learn more about our exterior glass services, visit our exterior services tab located here.

8) Final Touch-Up & Vacuum: To finalize the detail, we apply our UV protectant to all plastic components and vacuum one last time when necessary to ensure 100% satisfaction for our customers.

Check out our gallery for some awesome before and after of the past work we’ve completed. We promise to never let you down.

Will you be using my electricity and water?
For this service we will need at least one outlet, and a water spigot is great to have available, however not 100% required. Just be sure to let us know when scheduling that you don’t have a water source for us!
Does every stain in my interior come up?
The short answer? Unfortunately no. While we are able to extract about 90% of stains from carpet and upholstery, stains often change the physical color of the fibers, making the stains permanent. We try as hard as possible with the products and tools on hand to remove or lighten every stain possible.
How long does it take for my carpets and seats to dry?
During the summer months, most of your carpets and seats will be dry by the entire of the detail. Since we cannot guarantee this, we suggest you don’t plan on driving anywhere right after. During the colder months, it might take up to a week to fully dry. We recommend to blast the hot air with a window or two cracked for a few hours after the detail has been completed to speed up the drying process.

Maintenance Package

Starting at $229

  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Complete panel / dash / trim wipe-down
  • Interior Window Cleaning

Standard Interior Package

Starting at $299 $349

  • Everything in Maintenance Package
  • UV Resistant Coating and Shine on Dashboard & Plastics
  • Interior & Exterior Glass Cleaning

Loaded Interior Package

Starting at $349 $399

  • Everything in Standard Interior Package
  • Complete Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo & Dirt Extraction
  • Carpet & Plastic Steam Cleaning (If Necessary)