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A2D Lux Detailing & Coatings

More Than Just Keeping Up Appearances

Our regular exterior wash maintenance services will keep your vehicle looking its best as well as preserving the lifespan of your protective top coat layer and maintain the resell value of your vehicle. Plus you will have the added benefit of looking like a boss driving down the road!

Our Maintenance Wash will keep your car exterior looking clean and fresh on the roads for everyone to see.

You may think it’s a simple rinse with water, throw on some soap, rinse off the soap, and dry. At Attention 2 Detail, we go the extra mile. It’s not the most extensive job, but there is a right way to do it. 

We do it the right way.

Think about this. You go to your local car wash and want to have your exterior washed. When those carpet strips slide across your dirty exterior, think about how many other dirty exteriors they have slid across just in that one day. They never, ever get washed. 

At the car wash, it may look cool, but all you’re doing is spreading that dirt around to different areas of your paint, ultimately marring and scratching it.

A2D has the highest standards for keeping your paint safe and protected while we work and after we leave, which include cleaning all of our tools and towels before and after each and every vehicle.

The way we treat your paint is as thorough and gentle as one might be if they were cleaning oil off of a baby duck in a DAWN dish soap commercial; very gentle. Your investment deserves to be treated with our full attention and respect.

All for one of the lowest prices around. 

If you are looking to protect your investment further, check out our Wash and Wax, Paint Corrections, and Ceramic Coatings.

Will you be using my electricity and water?

For this service we will need at least one outlet as well as a water spigot. Both are required for us to complete the detail, but if needed we can discuss working at a separate location with water and power.

Will a maintenance wash swirl or marr my paint?

It is, in the slightest bit, somewhat possible. Any pressure when touching a vehicle will cause the clear coat to swirl, even the tiniest bit. With the state-of-the-art products and equipment we use at Attention 2 Detail, we try and limit this as best as possible. Contact us with further questions or concerns.

Do you maintenance wash fleets and dealerships?

Absolutely. Get in touch today to get a quote so we can save you the hassle of going out and getting washes, and to give your fleet the love it deserves today!

Maintenance Wash

Starting at $99

  • Initial Pressure Wash
  • Foam Soap Application
  • Thorough Hand Wash of Paint
  • Wheels & Tires Scrubbed
  • Hand Dried
  • Tire Shine Applied

Wash & Wax Package

Starting at $199

  • Everything in Maintenance Package
  • State-Of-The-Art Ceramic Spray Wax Application
  • Undercarriage Pressure Wash (Upon Request)

Exterior Paint Enhancement

Starting at $499 $599

  • Everything in Wash & Wax Package
  • Chemical Paint Decontamination
  • Clay Bar Decontamination
  • 1-Step Polish on Paint
  • Topped with 12-Month Warrantied Paint Sealant