Paint Protection Film at Attention 2 Detail, Griffith, In: A Magic Protective Layer On The Car's Paint

Taking care of your car’s appearance is extremely important. So what is the solution to protect your car’s paintwork? Paint Protection Film at Attention 2 Detail in Griffith, Indiana, is ready to give the perfect protective layer for for your vehicles paintwork.

What exactly is Paint Protection Film?

PPF (paint protection film) or Clear Bra is a technological marvel. The ultimate layer of protection is a thin but highly durable polymer or polyurethane sheet. The material is durable, flexible, chemically stable, and UV resistant. When applied to your vehicle’s body panels, it acts as a second skin, protecting the paint from outside elements that could otherwise harm the paint. It protects your ride’s clear coat against chemicals, UV exposure, acid rain, and outside elements.

What are the benefits of Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a great option for cars. Here are some outstanding benefits that everyone should know about.

Protect the vehicle’s paint

Paint Protection Film is a defensive film that can assist the paint surface in avoiding adverse effects such as infrared radiation, oxidation, acid rain, splashes, and stains. Paint protection films do not modify the color of the paint, allowing it to retain its original shine over time.

Aesthetic enhancement

Paint Protection Film improves the car’s dirt and water resistance. Our PPF also has self healing properties so it can self-heal minor scratches and does not distract from the car’s looks.

Reduce your maintenance costs.

Paint Protection Film has UV reflectors as well as the capacity to self-heal itself from light minor scratches, boosting the durability and life of the car. PPF can help you to save money on auto maintenance and repairs. Above all, Paint Protection Film has been thoroughly tested to ensure user safety.

Does Paint Protection Film take long to apply?

It depends. The thickness, glossiness, and durability of PPF will vary. In most situations, the effort to prepare the paint for PPF consumes most of the time for PPF applications.


Paint Protection Film Form


Does PPF Damage New Car Paint?

This material is safe to use on your new automobile. Due to the ease of application, most consumers choose this protective coating over a ceramic coating, regular carnauba wax, or paint sealants. The transparent paint protection film is fitted, cut, positioned, and then activated by a liquid spray during the installation procedure. To apply the film to the painted surface, the installer will use a squeegee when the glue begins to adhere to the substrate.

Do we need Paint Correction before applying PPF?

It is strongly advised to obtain a Paint Correction before installing PPF. Polishing the car’s surface makes it more lustrous and aids in the adhesion of the paint protection coating.

Does Paint Protection Film protect against minor scratches?

PPF is essentially a thicker, more robust, yet lightweight material. It resists stains and protects the paint against small minor scratches, insect splatter, minor swirl marks, and other types of damage.