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We Made Exceptional the New Industry Standard

Our proven techniques, tools and products will achieve the highest level of cleanliness for your vehicle and help it reach its maximum potential. We believe in strong commitment, hard work and dedication that leads to 100% client satisfaction. Our goal is to provide all our clients with easy, hassle free detailing services with our mobile car detailing unit ready to meet you anywhere.

The greatest thing you’ve come across today. 

We get it. From work, to children, to that long road trip, your car’s interior can get a little dirty. That’s where our standard interior detail at Attention 2 Detail can help you!

With our standard interior detail, you get that same level of detail from a loaded interior but without all of the extra shampooing and steam cleaning your car might not need. The dashboard, seats, door panels, center console, door jambs, cup holders, and more, get thoroughly detailed.

Attention 2 Detail is honest and upfront, and if your car doesn’t need a particular service, we won’t try and sell it to you.

If your car has:

[+] Muddy & Dirty Carpets and Floor Mats

[+] A horrible odor

[+] Leather seats that need some love

… a Standard Interior Detail might not be the best option. Check out our Loaded Interior Detail to see if we can meet your needs with that service more effectively.

Maintenance Package

Starting at $229

  • Thorough Vacuum
  • Complete panel / dash / trim wipe-down
  • Interior Window Cleaning

Standard Interior Package

Starting at $299 $349

  • Everything in Maintenance Package
  • UV Resistant Coating and Shine on Dashboard & Plastics
  • Interior & Exterior Glass Cleaning

Loaded Interior Package

Starting at $349 $399

  • Everything in Standard Interior Package
  • Complete Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo & Dirt Extraction
  • Carpet & Plastic Steam Cleaning (If Necessary)
Will you be using my electricity and water?
For this service, all we will need is at least one outlet. We will not need to access any water from your house to complete the job.
Will the stains in my seats and carpets come out?
A carpet and upholstery shampoo is not included in our Standard Interior Detail. If you would like a spot-cleaning of any small stains, we do require a $15 add-on to accommodate your request. Note: This is for surface-level stains and not for a complete dirt extraction.
Can you clean and condition my leather without shampooing the carpets?
Absolutely. We quote that at the time of scheduling, but the possibilities are endless with add-ons at Attention 2 Detail!