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Tesla Window Tinting at Attention 2 Detail in Griffith, Indiana

Are you interested in taking your Tesla to the next level? Do not look any farther than the professionals at Attention 2 Detail. We are equipped with the expertise necessary to do the work and provide the extensive attention to detail and care that a Tesla necessitates, when having its windows tinted.

Definition of Tesla Window Tinting

The term “window tinting” refers to adding a thin laminate film to the glass of a Tesla to give it a darker appearance. Different individuals have different motivations for tinting the windows of a Tesla. Potential advantages include protecting one’s privacy or ensuring one’s safety from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, including UVA rays, which are the one’s most directly linked to the development of skin cancer. 

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The advatages of Tesla Window Tinting

Tinted windows are much more than simply an excellent method to raise the social reputation of your vehicle; they also give some beautiful advantages that will enhance the whole experience of driving your car daily. Since you most likely use your automobile daily, why wouldn’t you want to simultaneously make it seem stylish while gaining access to some fantastic benefits? The following is a list of advantages that you will gain by tinting the windows of your Tesla:

Keeps Your Tesla Cooler

Tinting the windows of your Tesla might be one of the most cost-effective methods to keep the inside temperature down. This is of utmost importance if you reside in an area where the temperature is high and the humidity is high. The window tint of a Tesla is designed to prevent both UV light and infrared radiation. Both factors are to blame for the excessive heat that builds up inside your Tesla during the warmer months. As a result of these rays being blocked, the inside of your Tesla will be cooler. Thanks to your Tesla window tint, you will no longer need to wait for the car to cool down before you can get behind the wheel.

Energy-saving with window tinting

There is potential for cost reductions in battery charging, in addition to reductions in energy use. If you drive a Tesla with tinted windows, you’ll notice that the temperature in your vehicle’s interior is much lower on hot days. This implies that your onboard air conditioning systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain the lower temperatures they were designed to maintain. This may help you preserve battery life, so you won’t have to stop for a charge nearly as often on the route to the location you want to go.

Protection for you and your passengers

Better sight on the road is a real-world advantage for drivers. Additionally, the inside has been upgraded to provide a more comfortable ride for you and your guests. Long-term exposure to the sun’s intense ultraviolet (UV) radiation may cause various health problems. There are several health advantages to getting your car’s windows tinted, including preventing premature skin aging and skin cancer.




How much does it cost to tint the windows of a Tesla?

This will be determined by the kind of window tint you choose, the windows you tint, and the area you live in. We recommend going to a store that has a good reputation and sells tint of good quality. Because Tesla cars have many electronic parts, it is highly recommended that you visit a store knowledgeable about Tesla vehicles.

How long will it take to tint your Tesla's windows?

The amount of time needed to complete the installation might range anywhere from 1 to 3.5 hours, depending on the year, manufacturer, and model of your Tesla.

Can I install window tint myself on a Tesla?

Installing window tints by qualified specialists is something that we highly advise our customers to invest in. The vast majority of window film warranties available today will only be honored if an experienced technician professionally places the film. In addition, we are sure that you have seen a window film installation on a Tesla that was executed poorly, as shown by the presence of large bubbles, wrinkles, or a purple color. Poor installation, which in most instances is caused by an inexperienced installer, is the root cause of all of these concerns.

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Window tinting is the solution that will make your Tesla’s appearance more beautiful while being safer. Window Tint at Attention 2 Detail in Griffith, Indiana. Feel free to call us anytime at (219)533-9390 if you have any questions.