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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Every car has its own personality and with our wash and wax service you can expect more than just the elimination of dust and exterior contaminants. We perform a deep-clean with a focus on bringing your car’s unique personality to light to make your vehicle shine. Then we seal it in with a professional-grade ceramic infused wax.

Our wash & wax is top notch. No one can beat it!

#1 Value. #1 Quality. #1 Seller.

All exterior panels and trim, as well as the undercarriage (if requested), are thoroughly pressure washed, foamed up, hand washed, and hand dried before a spray wax protectant application.

Most cars have dirt that you can’t tell is there until it’s gone, and the true color and shine of your original paint is brought back to life. Often it’s a surprise just how much the look of your car’s exterior can change!

An exterior wash and wax from Attention 2 Detail Luxury Detailing & Coatings could raise your pride in driving your car, no matter what it is. We take great pride in the looks of any car we detail, and our reviews show it!

With our state-of-the art wax application, your car will not only look a million times better, but it’ll stay that way. Book your appointment today.

Benefits of a wax: A more basic, maintenance exterior wash might get you a brand new and clean look, but with a wax (especially our preferred waxes), your investment will stay looking cleaner and smoother as well as have sustained protection against any outside elements.

Pricing Plan

Wash & Wax Package

Starting at


Initial Pressure Wash
Foam Soap Application
Thorough Hand Wash of Paint
Wheels & Tires Scrubbed

Hand Dried

Tire Shine Applied

State-Of-The-Art Ceramic Spray Wax Application
Undercarriage Pressure Wash (Upon Request)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be using my electricity and water?
For this service we will need at least one outlet as well as a water spigot. Both are required for us to complete the detail, but if needed we can discuss working at a separate location with water and power.
Why do you apply a ceramic wax and not a carnauba wax?
We provide quality and longevity at Attention 2 Detail. A carnauba wax generally lasts 3 to 8 weeks, while the ceramic spray wax we apply not only lasts for months, but has hydrophobic properties allowing water to bead and sheet like you have never seen before!
How do I care for my exterior once you apply the wax?
Setting up a maintenance plan with us to have your vehicle washed on a regular basis is your best option. This way, you can be assured your vehicle is in safe hands, and not getting damaged from an improper wash method. Wax can be reapplied every 3 months, depending on how often you get your vehicle washed.

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